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Under One Roof

Nettra for Marketing & Advertising Agencies


Order all of your digital media buys in one place, while increasing performance and profits.

A Complete Digital Media Solution

Premium video inventory at the lowest CPMs.


More clicks & higher CTR for the same budget.

Better targeting & lower CPMs than DSPs.


Better performing SEM campaigns at reduced margin rates for agency partners. This allows you to out-perform your client’s competitors, and make a larger profit for your agency at the same time. 

Search Marketing

Lower CPCs by almost half the national average.

We manage over $25 million in Google & Bing 

search ads every year.


Average ad rank compared to 2.8 nationally.



3x better CTR than the national average.

Cross-Platform SEM Campaigns

We seamlessly manage campaigns on both the Google and Bing search platforms. We also optimize between the two platforms in order to reduce waste and increase performance.

Better targeted and higher performing display advertising campaigns when compared to DSP managed services because of our proprietary bidding and optimization techniques. This allows us to reach the same audience and inventory at a lower CPM, and pass the savings to our agency partners.

Display Advertising

We deliver over 100 million display ad impressions 

every month.

More inventory available across every device.


Over 15,000 targetable data segments.


30% CPM savings on average versus DSPs.


Premium Supply Partners

Our display inventory comes from the top ad networks in the market. We use current industry whitelists and blacklists layered with our programmatic targeting tactics to ensure ads are served to the most qualified consumers on the most qualified websites and mobile apps.

Our cross-platform digital video marketplace allows us to buy premium media direct from the source. This means we can offer the same premium video placements and targeting tactics as DSPs at a lower CPM, increasing your agency’s profit margins.

Video Advertising

We serve over 50 billion video ads to over 100 million visitors each month.

Our fill rate on all approved video IOs.


We have over 100 global supply partners.


25% CPM savings on average versus DSPs.


Premium Supply Partners

Our video marketplace includes the top published and trending videos in real time without sacrificing a low CPM. Our whitelisting and blacklisting optimizations ensure that our inventory is kept clean with the most relevant and popular videos online.

Higher Profit Margins

Buy your media from the source and increase your margins.

Completely Confidential

White-labeled service, consulting, and reporting.

Why Agencies Use Nettra

Above Standard Performance

Our campaigns perform 3x to 5x better than national averages.

Flexible Terms

Competitive payment terms with no minimums.

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