Premium Video Inventory 

at Lower CPMs

Nettra Video Marketplace for DSPs

25% CPM savings on average versus exchanges.

Meet Your New Video & CTV Partner

We provide premium video placements and targeting tactics at lower CPMs, increasing your platform’s profit margins.

Over 100 global video supply partners.




100% quality inventory through fraud prevention.

Fraud Prevention

Our partnership with the industry leaders in fraud protection, combined with our pre-bid blocking and post-bid filtering ensures we only serve real impressions.

We have 100+ supply partners from all over the world, which means we have an extensive global inventory. 

Our Supply Partners

Premier CTV Provider

Our Connected TV advertising gives viewers a lean-back branding experience while they consume digital video content on their smart television sets.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our premium video marketplace includes the top published and trending videos in real time without sacrificing a low CPM. Our whitelisting and blacklisting optimizations ensure that our inventory is kept clean with the most relevant and popular videos online.

Higher Profit Margins

Lower CPMs than ad exchanges because of our global network.

Fraud Protection

White-labeled service, consulting, and reporting.

Why DSPs Use Nettra

Premium Inventory

We only use trusted sources, and optimize daily.

100% Fulfillment

We fulfill all approved IOs because of our global inventory.

DSP Partnership Application

Find out why DSPs are using Nettra for premium video and CTV inventory. 

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