Who We Are

Nettra Media leverages proven inbound marketing strategies and growth hacking best practices to increase an organization’s customer lifetime value (LTV) and to lower an organization’s cost per acquisition (CPA). Businesses that hire Nettra do not settle for typical conversion rates found at the bottom of their sales funnel. These companies are obsessed with creating specific strategies to appeal to their potential and current clients for every stage of engagement.

Our strategies and protocols are centered around client acquisition, activation, retention, and creating robust referral programs. We don’t just manage media, we enable your organization’s growth.

Dave Martin

CEO, Director of Client Relations

With over fifteen years experience implementing data-driven marketing and sales tactics, Dave is routinely sought out for his ability to scale companies with growth hacking and inbound marketing protocols. Dave is obsessed with understanding what makes each organization unique and uncovering their specific obstacles to growth. As a winner of the “40 Under 40” award, Dave holds an MBA from a top-45 business school and was a featured speaker on Google Advertising at SXSW (South By Southwest), the nation’s largest interactive conference.

Shawn Johnson

Marketing Manager

Coming from a background in marketing and data analytics, Shawn executes growth marketing protocols for Nettra’s clients. As a fervent practitioner of data science, he oversees the strategy, tracking, and optimization of all client campaigns. Shawn is in the zone when he’s uncovering the relationships between marketing and product improvement, turning data into actionable insights. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys tinkering with computer hardware and software, fishing in the High Sierra, and brewing beer on the weekends.

Our Production Team is Made Up Of:

Cutting Through The Noise

I subscribe to the law of contrary public opinion... If everyone thinks one thing, then I say, bet the other way... -Al Pacino as salesman Tony Roma from Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)  Your greatest enemy as a marketer is not your competition. It’s not the economy. It’s...

The Most Powerful Marketing Concept You Keep Ignoring

What’s the most misunderstood, underutilized and even ignored concept in online marketing? Data-driven analysis. We marketers tend to want to spend all their brain power of generating killer ideas, designing brilliant marketing automation, and writing hooky ads. But...

How Well Do You Know Your Clients?

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.-John Wanamaker, advertising and marketing pioneer This quote gets dropped around marketing circles all the time. Wanamaker lived back in the nineteenth century when determining...

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