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Not to brag, but one of our Google Ads created
$780k of funded applications in one month:

Credit unions and community banks have traditionally faced a big issue with their digital marketing...

...they cannot directly attribute their advertising budget to closed loans and account openings.

In other words, because financial institutions use online banking portals to handle credit applications, they have a very difficult time determining how many loans/account openings come from digital ads and how much they spent per loan/account open.

This lack of data has forced credit unions and community banks to be over-reliant on branded ad campaigns and insufficient marketing tactics.

Nettra has solved this problem by combining banking portal data and ad platform data into one interface. This allows financial institutions to assess their funded loans and account openings by traffic source, ad platform, specific budget, and cost-per-loan.

This data-driven approach conforms to PII (personally identifiable information) best practices and has become a game-changer for our clients, enabling them to pivot marketing budget towards successful tactics and away from campaigns that do not produce. 

Here’s a quick video of the results we produce:

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