Four Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company

Businesses need customers, and their customers are online. So it’s more important than ever to find your company when they’re searching for your product or service. The issue is, very few people search past page 1 on Google, which means your business must be one page one for your potential clients to find you.

The scary part is, the inverse is also true: if you’re not on page 1 of Google’s search results, your company does not exist to your potential customers!

So if your business is trying to gain more customers, you must deploy effective SEO strategies to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). An effective SEO campaign helps to spread awareness of your brand, builds your company’s credibility, brings more organic traffic to your web pages, improves the user experience, and ultimately converts more of your website traffic into potential leads.

Search engine algorithms frequently change, and your potential customers search the web in different ways as technology evolves. Consider the increasing popularity of voice search as an example. People that use Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home will often use various search terminology when compared to how they type in a Google search on their phone or laptop.

SEO is a continually evolving practice that requires diligent research and adaptation to new technology and processes. This means the best way to approach SEO for most businesses is hiring an established SEO company with extensive experience. 

Below is a summary of the most significant advantages to working with an SEO agency:

Website Improvements

While you may associate an SEO professional with just increasing your website’s organic ranking, an SEO expert can also help you improve the user experience and the conversion rates of your website. Take a look at this case study on Kuykendall Solar, a California solar subcontractor: we were able to optimize their web design and make their site more appealing to their target audience. This produced a 24% conversion rate, which led to a 408% ROI with Google Ads and a 550% ROI with Facebook Ads.

SEO services can also help you optimize your web pages for all devices. For many industries, mobile devices now make up the majority of web traffic. So your site must be easy to navigate on smartphones and tablets. Your site must also load quickly on all devices because it’s a determining factor for organic rank. Also, a fast-loading website ensures you won’t lose potential customers as they wait for your website to load. 

A Healthy Backlink Portfolio

Link building has always been an essential element of an effective SEO strategy. A backlink is simply a link from one website to another. For example, if an owner of a CPA firm based in Las Vegas guest writes an article in, and the article links back to the CPA’s website, that link would be considered a high-quality backlink. 

So why are backlinks so important? Simply put, because they help Google do their job better.

Google’s algorithm utilizes over 300 different ranking factors to determine how every website ranks for their specific keywords. And backlinks are a crucial factor because they help Google determine the most relevant results for every search. 

So if someone in Las Vegas is searching for a CPA firm, there is a strong probability that the CPA firm in the example above will rank higher because a popular website ( is pushing traffic to that CPA firm’s site.

This specific backlink is a big deal in Google’s eyes because it tells them this CPA firm is very good at what they do, which influences Google’s algorithm to rank their site higher.

Digital Marketing Services

While SEO can be a standalone service, it’s usually a component of a more encompassing digital marketing campaign that includes social media marketing and content marketing. This is often where the great SEO agencies separate themselves from everyone else because it takes a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge coupled with years of experience to manage and optimize a cross-platform marketing campaign successfully.  

Social media marketing isn’t about posting on Facebook or Instagram. Instead, it uses those platforms to target potential customers and then push them to their website. Social media ads differ from posting on Facebook or Instagram since the average organic Facebook post only reaches 1.5% of your audience. On the other hand, Facebook ads can reach most of your fanbase with the same message at scale. 

Content marketing is so effective because it acknowledges how the majority of people make buying decisions. For example, when was the last time you clicked on an ad and bought something? It’s probably been a long time! Most people research before they purchase anything. For example, when I shopped for an iPhone case, I read reviews on various cases and a few articles before making up my mind. Another word for this is content marketing.

Most people are in research mode as they shop. Sure, Google & Facebook Ads produce new customers, but you’re appealing to a small percentage of people that made up their minds and want to buy now. The majority of your potential customers are looking for great information to base their buying decisions on, and that’s where helpful articles and videos come in.

As a more specific content marketing example, take a look at our website. We’ve produced blog posts and videos designed to inform and educate, instead of asking for the sale. Of course, some companies will implement the strategies and tactics we teach and have success. But many people are looking for an agency to help them with these tactics. So by offering many insights like our internal processes, how we manage campaigns, what works best, etc., it slowly positions us as an expert in our reader’s eyes.

So the goal of content marketing is to get your potential customers to perform their research on YOUR website.  

But it doesn’t stop there. We create ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to push targeted traffic to various blog posts and videos to answer their marketing-related questions. We then show them similar blogs or videos they may be interested in, which increases their time on our site and builds our reputation.

We call this creating a gravitational force around our brand. Since at any time, we’ll have over 1,000 people reading various articles or watching videos on our site with the goal of them ‘orbiting’ closer to calling us, eventually becoming a client.

A Tailored Approach

The best SEO companies can adapt their approach to fit you and your business model. Some businesses need long-term SEO services behind the scenes, while others may need SEO specialists to take a more visible role in their company’s growth. For the most effective results, an agency should get to know your business so they can determine how much time and effort should be spent on each element of the campaign.

Most SEO agencies start by analyzing your current web presence and your direct competitors to see how you’re ranking. It’s important to remember that you’re not trying to beat Google, you’re trying to outrank your competition.

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