How to Run Facebook Video Ads Without Breaking the Bank

If you have a Facebook page for your business and you’re posting on a regular basis without using Facebook Ads, you’re wasting your time.

While the Facebook guru’s out there would have you believe otherwise, the only industries where you can get away with social posting with no ads are restaurants, sports, fashion, (and sometimes) animal causes. If your business is not in one of those categories, each of your posts only reach 6.5% of your fan base!  So when you factor in four to six hours a month to post on a regular basis, only reach a small percentage of your fan base, it just doesn’t make a ton of sense.  

Unless you’re also doing Facebook ads.

The thing is, so many businesses (and probably your competition) are already running Facebook Ads, so What’s the secret to managing effective Facebook Ads campaigns that create new customers AND Don’t break the bank?  Well, I’m glad you asked because that’s the focus of this blog post!

More specifically, we’ll cover why you should forget static image-based ads and commit to running video ads on Facebook, instead.

Video ads are expensive…right?

Whether your creative is a video ad or a still image, Facebook’s advertising platform is structured to charge the same. Because video ads often perform better than their still-image counterparts, Facebook rewards the better-performing creative by charging the advertiser less. This metric is Facebook’s Relevance Score.

So, with better performance potential and no additional charge from Facebook, the only barrier to entry is the cost of creating the video ad itself. 

And this is where the roadblocks have traditionally occurred since producing your own video ad usually meant you’d have to incur the following costs:

  • Model or actor fees
  • Location or studio rentals
  • Equipment rentals
  • Videographer fee
  • Editing fee
  • Audio licensing
  • Voiceover acting fees

These costs can easily exceed $20,000 which is cost-prohibitive for many businesses, so they end up skipping video ads altogether.

While we’ve used high-end production like this for some campaigns, this approach just doesn’t make sense for many of our clients.  So to still end up with high-quality video ads, we utilize stock video and simple editing software. 

Why you should use stock video for Facebook ads

You probably know all about stock photos. Maybe you use them on your website and in social media posts. 

But were you aware that you can affordably purchase stock video too? 

There are thousands of free and affordable stock videos on the web. Sure, there are some cheesy stock videos out there (same goes with photos), but there are also very simple, clean, and professional videos that business owners can use to grab the attention of their target audience as they’re scrolling their Facebook feed.

Especially for small business owners, we recommend that you first use stock video, even if you have the budget for a custom shoot. The reason for this is that you can test different creative concepts against each other. You can later create a custom video for the winning concept. What’s more likely is that you’ll get ROI without a custom video and you’ll decide to just keep using stock footage. 

There are so many reasons why video ads are worth trying (especially when using stock footage to save money):

  • Nearly 60% of marketers report that Facebook video ads drive more clicks. 
  • Video ads get shared more often, meaning you get free organic reach from those ads. 
  • Video ads provide more effective branding and brand awareness (Facebook ads come first in our two-phase funnel so people remember your brand when they’re searching for companies like yours).

Examples of using stock video in Facebook ads

We’ve run Facebook video ads for numerous clients. Let’s take a look at some examples and how video ads stack up against image ads. 

Here’s a video carousel ad that we ran for ZooLights, a holiday event at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

And here’s an image ad with date and time details that we tested as well.

From the campaign performance below, the video ad got much higher post engagement (9x), and it also received more clicks. 

We’ve also run Facebook video ads for several of our attorney clients.

This video shows someone being arrested for a DUI and being put in the back of a cop car.

And here’s an image ad from the same campaign that ran concurrently:

The rate of engagement with the video ad was much higher (4x) than with the static ad. 

When looking to drive higher rates of registration, Fresno City Community College turned to us for help with their Facebook ads. 

We ran this video ad:

And this image ad:

As you can see, the video ad gained more engagement (22x) with a similar amount of reach. 

There’s no one easy answer as to whether video ads are better or worse than image ads. It can depend on the other aspects of the creative used (concept, text, etc.). 

However, because video ads tend to perform better, they’re absolutely worth testing, especially when using free or affordable stock footage.

Where to find great stock videos 

If you want to use stock video in your ads, you need to know where to look for quality footage. These are our favorite sources for stock video:

As an example of what you might find, here are some videos of solar installation found in Adobe Stock. 

The pricing for most of the Adobe Stock videos is $79.99 each, which is a steal when you consider the cost of filming a similar video on your own. Pexels has thousands of free videos, but they’re more creative and Don’t cover all business use cases. 

How to pick the right stock videos

Now that you know where to look, you also need to know what to look for. You Don’t want to just choose any video related to what your business does. You need an overall concept for your ad, and to tell an engaging story.

Here are some different ideas for videos:

  • A potential customer experiencing the pain point you solve 
  • A satisfied customer whose problem has been solved 
  • An employee performing quality work, doing the service that your company offers so your customer doesn’t have to bother with it
  • Eye candy: focus on an image that is somewhat related to your product or service but is very interesting.  Wells Fargo did this using Promo by finding the video below of a dog catching a snowball in slow motion:

How to edit video ads

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. That’s why your video ad should make sense and be engaging even without sound. To do this, incorporate short text overlaid on your video ad, or make sure that the ad description is informative enough. 

Even though video ads are watched without sound a majority of the time, it’s still smart to include music and possibly voice overs in your ad so that the content is even more engaging for the people who do turn on the sound. 

Our top tools for quickly, easily, and affordably editing Facebook video ads are Promo, InVideo, and WeVideo.

Key takeaways

  • No one sees your organic social media posts 
  • Use social ads along with your social posts to effectively reach your audience
  • Static image ads are lame, focus on video ads
  • Video ads get better engagement, more shares, and more clicks
  • Instead of spending thousands of dollars on video production, use stock video

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