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As one of California’s largest solar subcontractors, Kuykendall Solar assists established solar contractors by installing their commercial, industrial, and residential solar projects. Kuykendall’s end users are not business owners or homeowners. Instead, they target the owners of medium-sized solar contracting companies and the project managers of national solar companies, based all over the United States. While the majority of their business had come from established relationships, in an effort to gain market share, they reached out to Nettra.



Their current website was not designed in a way to build the confidence and trust of potential contractors


They needed to create an externally-facing program that made the onboarding process easy for solar contractors that hadn’t used a solar subcontractor before


With such niche targets, Nettra needed to develop an extremely focused (and cost-effective) marketing campaign that positioned Kuykendall as leaders in their industry, and that they were easy to work with

Strategy & Web Design

The majority of Kuykendall’s business came from well-established relationships so they had never focused their website to cater to prospective partners. So Nettra created their Alliance Partnership Program (APP) that summarized all of Kuykendall’s expertise and more importantly, positioned working with Kuykendall as an established process that has been in place for years. A long web form at the bottom of the website helped to set the tone that they didn’t just accept any contractor into APP.
Kuykendall Solar Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads

How do you target people that aren’t searching for your service or product? This was a question we faced when planning the media strategy for Kuykendall Solar.

On the digital campaign side, we initially focused on Google Ads but since less than 2% of the solar-related searches within California are searching specifically for a solar subcontractors, we knew that Facebook would provide the majority of the lift. So we began by making a list of all the national and regional solar companies. Then we used them as a targeting parameter within the Facebook Advertising platform. In addition, we also targeted any project managers or directors that were currently employed by those companies.

We then created a series of ads designed to educate the target audience about the benefits of working with Kuykendall Solar. The ads covered their experience, testimonials from customers, and even the testimonial of a city inspector. We sequenced the ads to ensure that the target audience saw the ads 6-10 times before we loaded the next ad.

So within six months, the target audience had seen all versions of the ad with an average frequency of eight times per ad. Which lead to the average person within the target audience being reached over 100 times in a six month period.

This campaign resulted in numerous contracts being signed that will produce millions of dollars in new solar projects, which is a 550%+ ROI.

Google Ads

So while the majority of the advertising campaign focused on Facebook, Google Search ads were deployed to capture the traffic that was specifically looking for a solar subcontractor. Despite the conservative inventory of searches, the Google Ad campaign produced a 478% ROI.
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Liz Kuykendall


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“As one of the largest solar subcontractors in California, most of our business comes from established relationships across the United States so I’ve always considered marketing a low priority. Especially because our ideal target is very niche. Yet after talking with Nettra’s team, their approach to growth was very unique so we hired them to define and target our ideal buyer personas, and the results have exceeded our expectations!

After the first three months of the campaign, there was such a dramatic amount of potential business created that we asked Nettra to temporarily stop the campaign, allowing us to focus on our new potential clients.

Since establishing this new way of creating clients, Nettra has continued to scale our growth in a very cost-efficient and predictable fashion.

While I’m very pleased with their approach and protocols to scaling growth, I’m equally impressed with how nimble and flexible they are which indicates their dedication to our success.”

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