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Nuttall Coleman & Drandell is one of Central California’s most established criminal defense and personal injury law firms. Many people grew up seeing Roger Nuttall on TV and they still attract many clients based on their decades of brand awareness. Yet despite their established physical presence, their website was out-dated and the traffic on their website had steadily decreased over three consecutive years.



Develop a new website that better-positioned the attorneys as experts in criminal defense and personal injury utilizing optimized content, video, and testimonials.


They’ve owned their domain for decades yet they didn’t rank on page 1 for any search, so they needed a robust SEO campaign that included onsite optimization, citations, and a backlinking strategy.


Since SEO is more of a long-term investment, we also needed to create digital campaign designed to create trust with Facebook ads, then convert the traffic with Google Search and Google Search retargeting ads.

Strategy & Web Design

As mentioned above, personal injury and criminal defense attorneys are always one of the most competitive, locally-based online industries where firms pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to win new clients. In addition, when someone gets into an accident or might go to jail, they’re probably looking for an attorney for the first time in their life. So how they make their decision is very subjective and based on emotion. Only after making a decision do they justify it rationally. This is the name of the game when it comes to web design for an attorney.

Many attorney sites go overboard in making themselves look very professional and experienced, and then talk over their customers when describing how they work with people. This is why video testimonials are crucial because a lawyer website must showcase the attorney’s experience, a handful of testimonials, and most importantly, the attorney’s personal touch. This personal touch is what sets apart the top 3% of all attorney websites. See the Nuttall Coleman & Drandell video on their homepage for an example.

This amount of strategy, data analysis, and implementation goes into every attorney website because its these minor details that make a person pick the phone up and call.

Since building their website, their bounce rate has went down by 54% and their cost per client has also decreased by 40%.

Nuttall Coleman Analytics Dashboard

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO campaign included a website and keyword audit, a meta data update, new content, and updated alt image tags. Once this onsite optimization was complete, we focused on making sure all of the online directories (or citations) listed their address in the same way, we created new blog posts targeting the specific keywords they wanted to rank for. And most importantly, we created (and still continue to create) high quality backlinks with domain authorities over 40 (40 out of 100).

Due to how poor the client was ranking at the beginning of the campaign and how competitive their industry is, we aggressively completed all of the onsite optimizations above within one month, and had the citations and initial backlinks created within month two.

We had high expectations for the campaign, and the results after six months surprised even us! The Nuttall Coleman & Drandell website had a 280% improvement in overall rankings on Google Maps and their organic listings! In addition, they were now on page one for 16 of their targeted keywords! Lastly, traffic on their website has increased by 58%, eclipsing the highest number of traffic ever on their website.

Facebook Ads

Many attorneys jump right into spending enormous amounts of money on Google ads, only to barely break even at best. This is because they failed to create trust in their community first. Any lawyer can run a Google Ad, but since people prefer to do business with those they like and trust, it’s pretty obvious why running a Google ad campaign by itself often produces underwhelming results...because potential clients don’t trust them (yet).

This is why Facebook is a great first step for many attorneys that haven’t been doing a lot of advertising. The Facebook Advertising platform is a brilliant mix of brand awareness and targeted marketing. The ad placements can be incredibly targeted and the clicks are inexpensive.

One important note is that we made sure Nuttall Coleman & Drandell weren’t expecting a lot of clients at this point in the campaign. the goal of the Facebook Ads campaign was to position Nuttall Coleman & Drandell as the best attorneys in town with a sequence of related static and video ads, over a three month period (although we still run these ads on a very targeted basis).

Sure, their Google Ads received a lot more conversions, but we used an attribution model that showed that 48% of the people that clicked on a Google ad and became a client had previously clicked on at least one Facebook ad in the past.

Nuttall Coleman Facebook Video 1
Nuttall Coleman SEM Ad

Google Ads

After running the trust campaign on Facebook for three months, we deployed a hyper-targeted Google Search campaign. This is mainly because a personal injury click can be over $100. So we initially started a Google Search retargeting campaign where the Google Ads only showed to people that had previously clicked on one of their Facebook ads. We targeted these people first because they had recent familiarity and trust built up with the law firm.

As this campaign gained momentum, we started a first-touch campaign with Google where the majority of the clicks had not previously clicked on a Facebook ad.

By utilizing CallRail to track the phone calls generated, web forms to track potential client submissions, and then tying everything together with attribution, Nuttall Coleman & Drandell received a 620% ROI on their Google Ad campaign.

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