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Thousands of Successful Media Campaigns Under Our Belt

The most established Google and Facebook partner in Central California

We’ve spent over $19 million on both platforms and managed hundreds of successful marketing campaigns. While Google and Facebook are great ways to create clients, channels like LinkedIn, Bing, and Display networks should not be overlooked.

Even though advertising is a great way to create new customers, some of the most powerful paid media campaigns only come to life when they’re combined with a referral and business development strategy.  

So when it comes to media management, we focus on the most cost-effective ways to reach your customers, regardless of the platform.


Marketing Agency or CMO: Which Approach is For You?

Many marketing agencies approach winning new customers for their clients, primarily through media buying and web design. These services usually work well, and they can amount to a 10-20% lift in new customers. This approach is an excellent fit for companies that have an optimized marketing strategy in place, and they’re using a marketing agency to fulfill various campaigns within it like email marketing and Google Ads. 

But if your company’s goal is aggressive growth, a different approach is necessary. 

Businesses that desire this strategic approach to gaining customers will hire Nettra to be their CMO (chief marketing officer). CMOs create and oversee their company’s marketing strategy. Their skills span from content creation and data analysis to various marketing channels and customer acquisition. 

Companies flourish with an in-house CMO because their job is to improve how their business obtains and retains its customers. 

The issue is, hiring an in-house CMO just doesn’t pencil out for many businesses. So they continue their marketing tactics without someone overseeing its implementation, execution, and optimization. 

That’s where Nettra comes in.

All of our CMO strategies focus on ways to increase a customer’s lifetime value and to decrease their cost of acquisition. In other words, we consider every customer acquisition channel (digital marketing, SEO, referrals, and business development, to name a few) to create a marketing strategy that’s focused on explosive growth.

Nettra Media Can Serve Either Role

Our CMO approach makes sense if your company lacks a focused marketing strategy or if your goal is to create significant growth. Our marketing agency approach is an excellent fit if you already have a marketing plan in place, and you’re looking for a marketing partner to execute specific tactics like SEO or paid media. 

In some cases, our clients initially aren’t sure which approach will work for their business. So our first step in working with a new client is to gain a deep understanding of their services, values, goals, and competition. At this point it becomes very clear how Nettra can be an asset to each client.  

Working with Nettra is like hiring a C-suite-level director that is obsessed with the growth, success, and sustainability of your company.  

Here are some pros and cons to consider about which approach is best for your company:




We're Your Growth Partner!

If you already have a strategy in place but are interested in services that could continue to build your momentum, our marketing agency approach would probably be the best fit. In this role, we’d work like storytellers by helping you finesse promotional tactics, graphic design, and advertising campaigns. 

To achieve a new level of growth, our strategic CMO approach, combined with the execution and optimization tactics of our marketing agency services, will result in explosive growth! 

While some companies jump straight into running marketing tactics, we’ve found some of the most successful campaigns all have one thing in common: they all take a very pragmatic approach to growth. They don’t rush things, and they track everything to ensure they make the best decisions. These kinds of campaigns outperform their competitors and concurrently establish our clients as industry leaders, thereby ensuring success for years to come. 


Our Clients Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

Every industry and business is different, and their hidden levers to growth are usually challenging to uncover. So before any marketing campaign begins, our goal is to gain a much better understanding of our client’s company, service/product, industry, goals, and competition.  

It’s our dedication to the process of discovery, testing every hypothesis, and continual optimization that has enabled us to be on the winning end of thousands of successful campaigns, spending over $19m on the Google & Facebook Advertising platforms.   

People Love Working with Nettra Media

As growth partners, we help our clients tackle their most challenging barriers to growth. Rather than meeting behind closed doors, we involve our clients in every facet of the strategy and its ongoing management—from the formation of the marketing campaign to the implementation of every customer acquisition channel. This robust approach provides clarity and focus that will galvanize your company’s growth goals. Say hi and we’ll say hi back!