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Better performing SEM campaigns at reduced margin rates for agency partners. This allows you to out-perform your client’s competitors, and make a larger profit for your agency at the same time. 

Search Marketing

Avg Rank

We can track any website goal to the ad and keyword level of our SEM campaigns. For example: online orders, form submissions, video plays, special page visits, and even phone calls. 

Award-Winning Performance

Lower CPC

Our performance numbers are 50%-100% above national averages across the board. We are able to achieve this with our hands-on real-time keyword, ad, and bidding optimizations. 

Complete Goal Attribution

Higher CTR




Display Advertising


We support all display ad types and devices including Banner, Native, Retargeting, Mobile Retargeting, Mobile Web, and In-App.

Deeper Targeting


We have access to third-party data, which we call Nettra Data Segments, that allows us to target people based on data collected from companies they do business with. (i.e. auto dealers, credit cards, restaurants, retail stores, travel agencies and more.)

Our Display Network includes the top published and trending placements in real time without sacrificing a competitive CPM. Our whitelisting and blacklisting optimizations ensure that our inventory is kept clean with the most relevant and popular websites and mobile apps in the market.

Lower CPM

Data Segments

The Entire Array Of Display

More Inventory


Video Advertising


Connected With CTV

We have access to media libraries, on-demand platforms, special interest channels from music to sport, game apps, chat rooms, Internet search and social media apps.


Bigger Video Ad Profits

Our inventory reach is the exact same as any other digital video provider or DSP. The only difference is we are buying on the network level, essentially cutting out the middleman. Plus, our inventory is of better quality because of our fraud prevention, whitelist and blacklist optimizations.

Our video CPMs are some of the lowest in the industry because we buy direct from our global network of over 100 supply partners, allowing for more profitable agency markups. 

Lower CPM

Supply Partners

Fill Rate

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