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Nettra routinely blows me away with their marketing know-how, their customer service, and especially the results I’ve gotten. I’ve worked with a handful of agencies in the past and none of them were as responsive and proactive as Nettra has been.
Roger Nuttall
Roger Nuttall
Law Office of Nuttall Coleman

Great Attorney Marketing Campaigns Start With Building Trust  

We Accurately Attribute Ad Clicks To Measurable Revenue Metrics Like Funded Loans & New Accounts

Nettra takes an innovative approach to attorney marketing because we understand that 80% or more of your business comes from referrals. Even with all the digital marketing tricks and hacks up our sleeve, nothing is more powerful than a word-of-mouth referral from a satisfied customer.
Unfortunately, most attorneys overlook some extremely effective strategies and instead rely on Google ads above all other marketing tactics. What they end up with is a lot of money wasted and underperforming ads.
With our attorney marketing blueprint, you’ll not only get more referrals and clients, but you’ll also reduce wasted ad spend and make it so much easier for new clients to find your practice.

With Our Specialized Attorney Marketing Tactics, You Will:

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Get More & Better Referrals From Highly Satisfied Clients
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Create Trust & Name Recognition In Your Community
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Have A Sustainable Growth Strategy That Doesn’t Revolve Around Increasing Your Ad Spend

Choose your Adventure: Marketing Agency or CMO Approach

The majority of a business’s new customers come from referrals, business development tactics, and other non-advertising strategies, so why do so many businesses put all of their eggs into the advertising basket?
As Google and Facebook partners, we’ve managed over $24 million in ads. Clearly, we understand their importance and know how to get them done right. BUT, we do so much more to deliver a sustainable strategy that draws in customers at every stage of your sales funnel.
When you partner with Nettra, you can choose the marketing agency approach and we will expertly execute tactics from our menu of services (SEO, ads, website design & development, content, social media, email lead generation, etc.).
Some companies need marketing strategy development and implementation, so our CMO approach is perfect for those companies in serious growth mode. We dive deep into 20 potential growth channels to find the best path to increase the lifetime value of customers and decrease the acquisition cost. 
Both approaches pair our expertise in ad creation/management/optimization with essential business development strategies to compound your growth.

Marketing That Makes It Easy For Your Ideal
Clients To Find You

Here’s Our Multi-Faceted Approach To Attorney Growth:
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Develop A Referral Funnel
Most new business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. We can target the IP addresses of satisfied clients with digital advertisements and targeted email campaigns to keep you top of mind after their cases settle.
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Build Trust & Recognition Locally
Our social media advertising campaigns are an affordable way to build trust and grow your reputation locally, making your Google ads exponentially more effective because they aren’t a prospect’s first exposure to your firm.
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Optimize Your SEO
Your firm needs to rank organically on page 1 of Google or clients won’t find you. We optimize your SEO with longtail keywords, adding relevant content to your site, and getting you more 5-star reviews on Google.
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Resonate With Your Target Audience
Your website needs to resonate with your target audience through its content, colors, images, and videos. We build websites that stand out from the competition and make it clear that your firm is the only real choice.
Reach New Clients
Our “build trust first, target new clients second” approach consistently outperforms other agencies with a 20 - 30% higher conversion rate. You’ll see a lower cost per click and an increase in the lifetime value of your customers.
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Have Clear Data Attribution
Our accurate approach to data attribution goes deeper than most other agencies so we can truly understand the sources of your new business and prioritize those interactions for optimizations and budget adjustments.

Our Process For Helping Attorneys Meet Their
Growth Goals

  • Marketing Data & Tactic Audit
  • We start by digging into your current marketing data and strategies to understand what has and has not been working for you
  • Ad & Business Development Strategy
  • We create a growth strategy that combines the tactics we’ve perfected for attorneys with the wins we discovered during our audit
  • Analyze Data & Optimize
  • With our data tracking in place, we analyze your campaigns regularly to optimize our tactics & improve your ROI so you can dominate your region

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Attorney Marketing Tactics

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