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Paid Social Advertising

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Expert Ad Creation That Reaches The Right Audience & Boosts Revenue

As Google & Facebook Partners, we’ve managed over $24 million on both platforms and have created over 1 million followers on our client’s social media accounts. From creative assets to audience targeting to performance tracking, you could say that digital ad management is in our DNA.
Too many credit unions, banks, and service-based businesses throw money at social media ads without a real strategy and defined KPIs. Don’t waste your time and money trying to monetize the top, middle, and bottom of your sales funnel. We’ve got you covered.
We create engaging, effective social media ads that your ideal customers can’t resist clicking. Plus, we use easy-to-understand data to show you how your ads increase revenue.

With The Right Ads In The
Right Places, You Will:

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Make your product or service irresistible to customers
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Create warm leads for Google ad retargeting
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Stop wasting your ad budget and see your ROI skyrocket

Your Ads Should Connect With A Wide Audience & Increase Sales

Here’s How We Optimize Your Social Media Ads:
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Multiple Ad Formats
We’re experts in ad placements and creative formats, so we match the right creative assets to the audience and social media platform
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Highly Targeted Audiences
Targeting can make or break an ad, so we narrow down your audience to ensure we’re sending the right message to each part of your funnel
Performance Tracking
We identify relevant KPIs, set benchmarks for each, and measure progress against our goals so we can adjust ads as necessary

Our Process For Creating Strategic Content That Increases Sales

  • Social Media Ad Audit
  • We start with a data dive to understand your past ad performance and find opportunities for improvement
  • Optimize Ad Targeting & Creative
  • We refine your target audience and revamp your creative assets to serve ads that people really want to see
  • Create & Scale Your Content
  • We monitor meaningful KPIs and make adjustments to your campaign to ensure you’re getting the best ROI possible

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