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Email Lead Generation

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Targeted Email Sequences That Your Ideal Customers Actually Want To Read
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B2B Emails That Are Crafted To Convert

Email lead generation is NOT email marketing. Yes, we’re email marketing experts, but what happens after you’ve emailed everyone on your company’s contact list 1-2 times a month? That’s when email lead generation comes in handy.
Simply put, email lead generation targets people who aren’t within your email marketing contact list…which is pretty remarkable when considering there are 250 million business people we can contact. Our B2B email lead gen process lets you send tailored email sequences to highly targeted prospects. The result? Unheard of open rates and conversions from people outside of your existing contact list.
Some businesses buy lists of email addresses that aren’t well-targeted, then hit ‘em with boring emails and wonder why they aren’t getting a return on their investment.

Our email lead generation strategy enables us to target thousands of your ideal customers, at scale. Then, we send out tailored, compelling email sequences that have double the open rate of typical marketing emails. It’s like having a team of the best outbound salespeople, but at a fraction of the cost.

With Our Innovative Email Lead Generation Process, You Will:

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Target prospects based on specific job titles, companies, locations, industries, etc.
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Effectively & efficiently convert cold leads to hot leads
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Sustainably scale your outreach and grow your revenue

Scalable Business Outreach For B2B Companies In Growth Mode

Here’s How Our Email Lead Gen Makes It Happen:
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Technical Set Up
We set you up on and establish effective targeting, then set up email configs (so you don’t get flagged as spam), and UTM tags
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Email Sequence Creation
We create email sequences that your audience actually wants to read to increase conversions and move leads down your sales pipeline
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CRM & Lead Follow-Up Processes
A CRM makes it easy to follow up with leads and track their progress through your sales funnels to optimize conversions

Our Process For Growing Your Contact List With Targeted Emails

  • Establish Lead Targeting
  • We identify who your ideal customer is, then set up tight targeting parameters based on title, company size, industry, owner, revenue, etc.
  • Develop & Deploy Email Sequences
  • We create email sequences and variants that will engage and inform your very targeted audience, then automate the delivery schedule
  • Assess Results & Refine
  • We use detailed analytics and A/B test emails against each other to find the most effective copy, subject lines, and CTAs to boost ROI

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