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This campaign has the highest conversion rate I’ve ever seen [and] ...the ads are performing in the top 3% for financial institutions in the US.
Manuel Valencia - Senior Account Strategist for Google
Manuel Valencia
Senior Account Strategist for Google

No Other Marketing Agency Is Doing This  

We Accurately Attribute Ad Clicks To Measurable Revenue Metrics Like Funded Loans & New Accounts

What if you could know for sure which ads produce results, and which didn’t?

And what if that knowledge helped you pull a very specific lever to increase revenue in the exact loan product or account product you want to grow?

Well, now you can!
Sure, we’ve worked with banks and credit unions for 10 years and we’re Google & Facebook Partners managing 24m+ on digital ad platforms. But we’re the only marketing agency in the US that’s managing digital ad campaigns for banks and credit unions with funded application data. Imagine how your current marketing campaign would perform if you only spent money on ads that create new accounts and loans.
Learn how we’ve achieved unprecedented results for our credit union clients:

Not To Brag, But Our Ad Strategy Created $780,000 Of Funded Loans From One Google Ad Group!

Our Data Attribution Strategy Shows Exactly Which Ads Are Driving Results

Banks and credit unions have traditionally faced a big issue with their digital marketing: they can’t directly attribute their advertising budget to closed loans and account openings.

Because financial institutions use online banking portals to handle credit applications, they have a very difficult time determining how many loans/account openings actually come from their digital ads or how much they spend per loan/account open.
This lack of data has forced credit unions and community banks to be over-reliant on branded ad campaigns and insufficient marketing tactics.

Nettra has solved this problem by combining banking portal data and ad platform data into one interface. This allows financial institutions to assess their funded loans and account openings by traffic source, ad platform, specific budget, and cost-per-loan.
This data-driven approach conforms to PII (personally identifiable information) best practices and has become a game-changer for our clients, enabling them to pivot their marketing budget towards successful tactics and away from campaigns that do not produce results.

With Our Bank And Credit Union Marketing Process, You Will:

Accurately track the source of loan applications and funded loans
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Outcompete national banks at the local level
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Increase customer/member lifetime value while decreasing acquisition cost

Don’t Leave Revenue Opportunities On The Table. Accurately Track Your ROI and Do More Of What Works.

Here’s How We Grow Your Membership & Revenue:
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Ad Campaigns You Can Tie To Revenue
Our attribution model shows which campaigns increase your revenue, so we reroute your budget to the winning tactics to maximize your ROI
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Strategies To Out-Market The Big Banks
We help you increase repeat business & referrals, put a face to your brand, and resonate with your community
Robust Referral Programs
80% of new loans and accounts come from current/past members, so we develop robust, easy-to-implement referral programs to grow your membership
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Tactics To Increase Lifetime Value
Use targeted emails & ads to educate current members about your full product range, increasing their lifetime value & decreasing acquisition cost

Our Process For Helping Credit Unions Meet Their Growth Goals

  • Marketing Data & Tactic Audit
  • We start by digging into your current marketing data and strategies to understand what has and has not been working for you
  • Ad & Business Development Strategy
  • We create a growth strategy that combines the tactics we’ve perfected for financial institutions with the wins we discovered during our audit
  • Analyze Data & Optimize
  • With our attribution model in place, we analyze your data regularly to optimize our tactics & improve your ROI so you can dominate your region

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