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After the first three months of the campaign, there was such a dramatic amount of potential business created that we asked Nettra to temporarily stop the campaign, allowing us to focus on our new potential clients. Now, Nettra has continued to scale our growth in a very cost-efficient and predictable fashion. I'm very pleased with their approach to growth.
Elizabeth Kuykendall - Ceo of Kuykendall Solar
Elizabeth Kuykendall
CEO of Kuykendall Solar

We identify which growth levers a business needs to pull to reach their ideal customers

We make it easy for your ideal customers to find you with expert digital ad management and SEO, engaging social media posts and content, websites that convert, and much more. If you’re serious about expanding your business, you need to partner with a growth agency that’ll get you a scary-good ROI on your marketing investment.

With Our Suite Of Growth
Tactics, You Will:

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Have clear data about what’s working so you can shift your budget toward tactics that convert
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Reach your target customer where they are and position your business as the only real option to meet their need
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Watch your leads, sales, revenue, and ROI skyrocket

Choose your Adventure: Marketing Agency or CMO Approach

The majority of a business’s new customers come from referrals, business development tactics, and other non-advertising strategies, so why do so many businesses put all of their eggs into the advertising basket?
As Google and Facebook partners, we’ve managed over $24 million in ads. Clearly, we understand their importance and know how to get them done right. BUT, we do so much more to deliver a sustainable strategy that draws in customers at every stage of your sales funnel.
When you partner with Nettra, you can choose the marketing agency approach and we will expertly execute tactics from our menu of services (SEO, ads, website design & development, content, social media, email lead generation, etc.).
Some companies need marketing strategy development and implementation, so our CMO approach is perfect for those companies in serious growth mode. We dive deep into 20 potential growth channels to find the best path to increase the lifetime value of customers and decrease the acquisition cost. 
Both approaches pair our expertise in ad creation/management/optimization with essential business development strategies to compound your growth.

You Deserve A Strategy That Makes Your Business Impossible To Ignore

A Few Tactics We Use To Get Your Customer’s Attention:
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Websites & SEO
Our powerful websites have robust SEO to attract your ideal customers and are sales and lead gen-optimized to boost your revenue
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Content Marketing
Expertly-written content educates and entertains your prospects wherever they find you to build trust and loyalty
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Paid Advertising
Our ability to tailor, target, and optimize search and social ads gets your brand in front of tons of new customers AND drives real revenue growth

Our Process For Helping Businesses Meet Their Growth Goals

  • Marketing Data & Tactic Audit
  • We start by digging into your current marketing data and strategies to understand what has and has not been working for you
  • Ad & Business Development Strategy
  • We create a growth strategy that combines the tactics we’ve perfected for financial institutions with the wins we discovered during our audit
  • Analyze Data & Optimize
  • With our attribution model in place, we analyze your data regularly to optimize our tactics & improve your ROI so you can dominate your region

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tactics For Service-Based Companies

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