Scale Your Business 

with Data-Driven Marketing

Especially when previously successful ideas are no longer as effective as they used to be! 

While there are many factors that determine the success of a marketing campaign, we’ve found that the majority of them lack protocols to optimize the product or service itself, effective ways to gather client data, structures to run hypothesis-based tests, as well as effective activation, referral, and monetization strategies. 

In other words, many successful campaigns rely on luck rather than it’s time for a better approach.

As Central California’s first growth marketing agency, we have spent over $19 million on the Google and Facebook advertising platforms and have created hundreds of successful sales funnel strategies, allowing our clients to further distance themselves from their competition.

It's Frustrating When Your Marketing Doesn’t Work!

Simply put, it’s our experience and approach (and possibly something in the water). All joking aside, we use many of the 

same platforms that other marketing agencies use. 

Yet, where our campaigns succeed and others fail is our dedication to protocols, data extraction, experimentation, and optimization.  

What Makes Us

We know, that’s a ton of buzz words that have little to no meaning if you’ve never experienced a dynamic marketing campaign with a 5-6% conversion rate. 

However, all of these processes work together to create a gravitational force around your company that builds momentum to create customers in the short-term and long-term.

It’s kinda like watching David Copperfield’s magic show – there’s no way he can make that helicopter disappear without a series of levers and pulleys (and sweaty stage hands) working in concert.

That is what Nettra does, minus the sweaty stagehands.  

Levers & Pulleys

When we initially start working with companies, they’re often marketing on many of the correct platforms. However, their issues always center around building levers and pulleys to create a connected funnel strategy.

Nettra ties the ad platforms, landing pages, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), their CRM, and data analytics, into one trackable funnel strategy. It’s only after tying all of a company’s marketing and data together that real progress can be made, allowing for rapid experimentation.  

Solving Your Problem

Some of our clients have small to medium-sized marketing departments, while others are much smaller but have equally ambitious goals. So in both cases, we collaborate with their team to create, execute, and scale the growth strategy

Whether Nettra is tasked with charting data points on a business insights platform, running media, or setting up the company’s CRM to track multiple KPI’s through various touch points, we customize our solution for each client.

We EVOLVE as You Grow

We’re usually involved in a lot of heavy lifting when getting a campaign off the ground. For example, one of the primary ways we help companies create the levers and pulleys mentioned above is through installing inbound marketing protocols. So as Central California’s Hubspot Partner, we’re experts at assessing your industry and competition to devise a marketing plan that’s fully connected to Hubspot or to your existing CRM.

In some cases Nettra manages every aspect of the campaign and in others, Nettra will focus on optimizing the strategy, managing KPI performance, and/or running any SEO or media campaigns. 

The point is, your organization’s needs will change based upon your success, so think of Nettra as your growth partner, committed to your success. 

Kinda cool, huh?

Another example of our flexibility is when we launch a company’s growth marketing (or growth hacking) initiative. We spend a considerable amount of time working with that company’s staff to designate a growth marketing team, setting up the data KPIs, establish its experimentation protocols, create a project management process, regularly attend meetings, among other tasks, with the goal of building marketing into the company's product or service itself. 

Our goal is to raise the LTV (lifetime customer value) and lower the CPA (cost per acquisition) of a company’s product or service.  

Growth Marketing

Since the growth marketing protocol is laser-focused on rapid improvement, Nettra must remain flexible and nimble to respond to various market conditions, deadlines, and your organizational goals. In other words, as your growth partner, our service evolves as your business scales. 

In some cases our role increases to meet future demand, and in other situations we work ourselves out of a job as your organization takes over the entire growth hacking protocol.

In either instance, it’s a win for both of us!

So while it’s obviously too early to determine if Nettra is the right fit for your growth goals, there are a few things that we look for when deciding whether a company would be a good fit to work with us:

Is the organization’s products or services competitive in their market? What makes them special or unique?


Is the organization's leadership completely committed to scaling growth even when some ideas or experiments fail?


What is the capacity for experimentation among the organization’s staff?


Our clients currently represent over 15 different industries — including the nonprofit sector. These companies range from 2-3 person start-ups to large financial institutions. 

What Others Are Saying About Us

"...we now consider Nettra to be our growth partner...we could not be happier."

SVP/Chief Marketing Officer

KSFCU is one of the largest credit unions in Central California with $1.4 billion in assets.

Michael George

"They ran a hyper-targeted campaign that translated into real sales. Their service paid for itself."

Director of Development

ImMODO Energy Services is the largest solar developer in the San Joaquin Valley.

Daniel Serber

Hannah Roos

"...Nettra was extremely flexible and attentive to each of our client’s campaigns."

Established in 1942, Ad Council is the world's largest producer of public service advertising.

Director of Digital Marketing

Liz Kuykendall

"...Nettra has continued to scale our growth in a cost-efficient and predictable fashion..."

Kuykendall Solar is one of the Largest Solar Subcontractors in California

Director of Business Operations, Owner

Considering how hard you work, you shouldn't be as frustrated as you are.

If your company is basing their growth metrics on incomplete data and inefficient feedback loops, it's very difficult to make conclusive decisions. This means any product/service updates as well as your marketing strategies will always involve guesswork...but you don't have to settle for this.

You deserve data-driven results that will allow you to efficiently scale!

We'd be happy to discuss your goals and obstacles to growth, so feel free to reach out to our staff to set up a time to chat.

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