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Strategy & Data Analysis


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Establish and Monitor All of Your Important Metrics

Nettra creates explosive results for our clients because we connect meaningful data with accurate attribution to find the right customer acquisition channels for your business.
Too many companies fail to connect their marketing efforts to revenue-based goals, making it impossible to gauge campaign performance.
Instead of copying the competition’s tactics, you could stand out from them. We dig into your data to find the right opportunities.

With A Powerful Strategy, Data Tracking, & Accurate Attribution, You Will:

Reach your Ideal Customers on the top Platforms
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Watch your Marketing ROI skyrocket
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Increase Revenue & Lifetime Value, while decreasing Customer Acquisition Cost

Your Strategy Should Be Effective & Trackable

Here’s How We Make That Happen:
Connect Data To Dollars
We use cutting-edge techniques to understand how customers find you. Then we determine how to attribute our strategies to your goals.
Outline A Clear Strategy
We use your data and growth goals to outline a defined, phased strategy. It’s customized to your business, not a replica of your competition.
Execute & Optimize
We execute our strategy and gather data during each step. We double down on successes, let go of anything that’s not working to maximize your ROI.

Our Process For Nailing Your Strategy

  • Data Deep Dive
  • We dig into your data to determine baseline metrics and meaningful KPIs to track growth
  • Assess 20 Channels
  • We vet 20 customer acquisition channels and pick the most viable for our initial strategy
  • Consistent Optimization
  • We use our established KPI to attribute conversions accurately and skyrocket your ROI

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