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Top 3 Digital Marketing Tips

Marketing evolves quickly, so here are our top three marketing tips for 2020. They involve marketing attribution, IP address segmenting and marketing, and specific guerrilla marketing tactics. These are some of the hottest tactics that are currently driving the best results!

Video Transcription

Dave Martin (00:00):

It's 2020. Is your marketing strategy already outdated? Well, we're going to give you our top three digital marketing tips for 2020, so stick around.


Okay, so for 2020, what are the top marketing tips that you could do today to see a big return? Well, you're going against a lot of competition online, and the amount of money your competitors are investing, especially in digital marketing, is shooting through the roof. And so what we're seeing a lot of is these tips I'm about to share with you are not so much hacks for Google, or apps for Facebook, marketing or email, things like that, but it's more in how you actually allocate your dollars. So the first tip I want to give you is attribution. So many companies out there are using Google Analytics to try and show how effective their ads are. Now, if you're selling a widget, and if I click on an ad, I go to your widget's webpage and then I check out, well, that's a great attribution right there of knowing from the click to the ad, to the sale within the cart, I made a sale. It's easy to track that.


But if you're a business to business company or if you're a business to consumer, but you're selling some kind of service that requires the business to go out and meet you, in other words, nobody could buy your service online, well then it's very hard to track if somebody clicks on an ad, even if they call you, do they always become a client? And so there's a lot of sophisticated systems out there. One of them we love is Mixpanel, but using attribution as a way of first defining different events to track. Sure, if somebody clicks on an ad and calls you, well, that's a great event to track. But if you have a video like this one that you're watching, and somebody watches that video, you could actually put value and a score within an attribution software of somebody watching the video, or somebody even downloading a white paper, giving you their email address, scrolling all the way down to the bottom of your page, maybe going to three or four pages related to your service. All of these things are things that have value.


And 90% of marketing campaigns let these things go by totally unnoticed. They don't put value to any of those. They don't put scores to any of those. And without doing that, all you're tracking is, did the click become a client? Did the call from a click, become a client? So what many companies are going to right now is an attribution software, which allows them to try to quantify things that are really hard to quantify. Sure, I could track a click to a call, but there's value as well of somebody watching a video. Like this video that you're watching, there's a good chance that you might give us a call one of these days if you need more marketing, and it's because you're watching me talk to you. And it's the same thing with you. And there should be a score associated with this.


So these are all called events to track, and you're putting values to all the events. And ultimately what you're doing is you're scoring those leads. And the more score you've developed as a lead goes through say three or four blog pages, a couple internal pages, they watch a video, that particular person on your site becomes a higher and higher level score that will eventually lead to a conversion. And it's the sophisticated companies right now that are installing attribution models that are already doing this, that are already taking your potential customers. So you definitely need to get on attribution right now, if you're not already doing it.


Our next tip that I share with you, it's one of our favorites, and I hesitate a little bit to share it and put it out like this because it's a bit of our secret sauce in how we create clients and how we make the most of this marketing spin and wrapping our arms around our clients.


Almost everybody doing digital marketing, let's say Google Ads, Bing ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. When somebody clicks on your ad, it goes to your website. And many of you are already doing something called retargeting or remarketing, which is where all those platforms, Google, Facebook, whatever, grab your IP address and it allows them to re-target you with ads in the future. Probably all of you, or most of you, are doing that. But here's the problem is that while Google and Facebook and Bing have other ways of targeting people, not just IP's, the problem is when they grab that IP address within 30 days, many of those marketing platforms, they let it go, they delete it. Even though you paid a lot of money for the click, for that person to click on your ad and go to your site, they're gone. That IP address is being stored with Google or Facebook or Bing. It's not being stored with you, or a third party software like Mixpanel.


And so this is what I love. IP address marketing is just like email marketing in many ways. With email marketing, if you have somebody's email address, let's say you're selling air conditioning units and they go to your website and they sign up to get a heater repair visit. And so when you get that email, you could then register it within your email marketing ads, this person is interested in heating. And then you know in the future, you could send future emails to that person regarding heating. Well, IP address marketing is very similar. So if somebody goes to your heating page, and then clicks to set an appointment or clicks for more information, well you could grab that IP address off of your internal page, and from there you could then put it into your database and then target them in the future. Not with an email, but with advertising, with targeted advertising that scales. And that is very effective and is very inexpensive.


So just imagine in one year, if you're doing a pretty robust marketing campaign, you would've talked to, let's say, or you would've targeted 200,000 people. Well, Google and Facebook by the end of that year, let's say, of marketing, they would've pushed out the majority of that data. But instead, if you install Mixpanel or a similar third party analytic software, you could retain all of those IP addresses and put them into different categories and silos of how they came in, allowing you to then repurpose and target them back in the future with similar messaging. This is how we're killing it for a lot of our clients and very few companies are doing it. So we expect this to be a top tip for 2020.


The last marketing trend I want to go over, it's actually pretty sweet because here it is, 2020, and it's almost like going back to the future because with so many companies doing digital marketing, doing social media ads, doing search ads, doing banner ads, doing all of them, doing cross platform targeting, sales funnels, all of these different things, it's just become a lot of white noise. And a lot of marketers are starting to get more hesitant to put more and more money into these digital platforms. And they're looking for other ideas of, "Look, I don't care what platform it is, all I care is I get more customers." And so we're seeing a lot of campaigns actually use some old school things. So for instance, if you're selling a product that caters to people over 50 years old, well the newspaper, believe it or not, might be a great place to look, of course, because cost to advertise in the paper has gone so far lower than it was even 10 years ago, and a lot of marketers are going in that direction.


But the top trend that I want to focus on, again, I'm a little hesitant because this is really part of our secret sauce, but I'm just going to put it out there. It's guerrilla marketing. And guerrilla marketing is kind of when you have digital, you have traditional gorilla marketing is kind of other, it's everything else. And usually guerrilla tactics are very creative, focused on innovative ways to get somebody's attention that none of your customers are doing right now.


So I have a prop. Well actually, this box. So this is a box that Nettra actually sent out to some targeted recipients. This is direct mail. And would you believe that the average response on direct mail is about 1% roughly. Well, this box got a 35% conversion rate, and this was mailed cold. People that got it, were not expecting it when it showed up. So I'll just show it to you just a little bit. Like I said, this is our secret sauce, so I'm not going to go into it too far. So when they get this, they go, "Okay, what is this?" They open it up and it says, "It's not every day that you get a box like this," then down here, "So we wanted to make it worth your time." And when they open it...


Hi Douglas. I'm Dave with Nettra Media, and it's time for Baker Manock Jensen to lawyer up.


So what we did is we targeted very specific people, filmed about a one minute video about how we could help them, and we changed the very front part of that video message to be calling out whoever the recipient is, Douglas, calling Douglas out by name and the company that he works for. And the cool thing was the call to action wasn't, "Oh, did he give us a call to become a client?" No, business isn't done like that. Business is still done face to face. So what we did is we put a gift card right here."Hi Douglas"


So at the end of the video, it says, "You'll see a gift card that I've included here. It's my invitation for us to grab lunch right here at this restaurant." We actually filmed that last part at that restaurant. And so I had 35% of the respondents that got this box that had lunch with me. And so the cost of a box like this, it's not cheap, but it's more than paid for itself. And so it's tactics like these that really make your company stand out. And I hope after seeing something like this and the other tips I've shared with you, it's really got the creative juices flowing because you can make 2020 the best year your business has ever had. It just takes you to be resourceful and creative. Thanks.

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