Email Lead Generation

Target hundreds of your ideal customers, every day

One of our most effective growth tactics over the last year is email lead generation. This involves utilizing a database of vetted business contacts, targeting them based on their industry, title, company size, location, then drafting a sequence of emails designed to move them through the sales funnel.

For B2B companies in growth mode, an email-based lead generation campaign is often the most scalable method of business development outreach.

So it's just email marketing, right?

No, email lead generation is very different from email marketing. Specifically, email marketing only targets your current/previous contacts while email lead generation targets your ideal audience that you aren’t connected to yet.

Targeting capabilities

We can target specific job titles from C-suite (CEOs, presidents, directors) to middle-management. In addition we can target specific companies, number of employees, location, and industries, to name a few.  We can layer all of these targeting parameters on top of each other to produce a very refined list of contacts.

Develop email outreach sequences

We work with our clients to understand their ideal target audience, what their pain points are, and how our clients’ product or service solves their problem.  We then develop a sequence of emails designed to create a qualified lead for your sales team.

The magic of email lead generation is that we send 400-500 emails a day, on behalf of our clients, to their potential customers.  It’s similar to having a 10-person outbound sales team reaching your ideal customers on your behalf, every day.

For example, if Email 1 is delivered today, Email 2 can be set to be automatically delivered in five days.  If the target customer still doesn’t respond, Emails 3 and 4 can also be scheduled to reach them in the future.  

Nettra continually updates the contact list from new potential leads to people that ask to unsubscribe.

Email Lead Generation vs. Email Marketing

Email Lead
Send emails as outreach
Target people outside of your contacts
Target based on title, company size, location, etc.
Average click-through rate above 30%
Retarget within ad platforms

Technical Set up

To enable our clients to send outbound email campaigns like this, it requires a technical set up that includes creating an email sub domain and running the email account through SendGrid. Taking measures like these ensures deliverability of the emails and confidence our clients’ domain will not get flagged as spam.

In addition, Nettra sets up the targeting within the platform and develops the email sequence.

Ongoing optimization

After the campaign launches, Nettra develops new email variants every month to test the copy.  Nettra also continually adds new contacts to the target list and removes anyone that unsubscribes.  Nettra also generates a monthly report that aggregates all of the leads produced.