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How to Market During the Coronavirus

As the economy (and society) slowly open back up, many businesses are struggling to balance their need for more customers with being empathetic to those that have been drastically affected by the pandemic. We originally wrote an article about this that appeared in the Business Journal and we also expanded on that article by explaining how to create your own marketing strategy during this pandemic. So this video gives a great overview of our approach to help companies tactfully gain more clients.

Video Transcription

so first of all we're in some crazy

times you have to admit people are

fighting over toilet paper in the

grocery store and people are trying to

find the last hand sanitizer and those

that have them some people are hoarding

them and I think they might even be

drinking hand sanitizer anyway we all

know this is going to last a month or so

and we're gonna get through it and we're

gonna be stronger as a nation but what

can you do between now and about a month

or so from now with your marketing a lot

of companies they're deciding you know

let's let's Taylor back a bit let's

let's not mark it as aggressively

because we're not gonna really make a

lot of sales right now and that could be

your biggest mistake

did you know that the average person

according to HootSuite spends 6 hours

and 42 minutes online every day that

that's crazy

well that number is probably going to

increase by maybe as much as 50% because

where's all America's workforce right

now they're at home a lot of them are

remote working but still they're at home

and they're online what a great

opportunity for you to reach them so if

we look at the typical sales funnel and

you'll see there's the top of the funnel

or tofu the middle of the funnel mo foo

and the thought them of the funnel is Bo

foo I didn't make those words up but

let's just roll with it

so tofu tofu and Bo foo well if you're

doing a lot of Google ads that's at the

bottom of the sales funnel that's when

you're trying to ask for the sale and if

you're like most companies you're not

going to be selling a lot right now so

the opportunity is focus on the top and

middle of the funnel using Facebook and

Instagram to target people based on what

they like doing and where they spend

their time but not so much to sell them

the focus is you want to build trust and

we see this all the time with campaigns

that don't work very well with Google

Ads people spend thousands of dollars on

Google ads and they don't work as well

because they haven't taken the time to

build trust among their target audience

that's what Facebook and Instagram

are so so valuable for and the clicks

are so less expensive than Google ads

and so what do you focus on well you

tell your story why you started your

business what makes you different from

your competition maybe a case study and

these are things that you could create

yourself we don't have to have an

expensive video crew like these guys

instead just use your phone

film yourself people like that kind of

authenticity and you could repurpose

that as a video ad on Facebook like this

one or on Instagram or even on LinkedIn

what a great way for people that have

never heard of your company to hear of

you and then over the next month or two

see various ads from you and whole time

it builds trust so when we're out of

this hole coronavirus thing and you know

we now have a ton of hand sanitizer

again and you finally have toilet paper

again those companies that we're

researching you are now ready to buy and

you come out of this thing better than

you were in the beginning the purpose of

this video is I want to refer you to our

blog post section and our video section

we specifically we have two blog posts

one is what to do when your Google Ads

stopped working where we talk a lot more

about this strategy and another is you

also have we have a marketing strategy

posts and with a marketing strategy post

we dive in deep on how we help companies

strategically go from where they want to

go to where they're trying to go and you

don't even need us just go to that blog

post and everything we do is in that

blog post so what a great opportunity

you have to both build trust from your

target audience and optimize your

marketing strategy so that by the time

the coronavirus has passed us you're

going to be winning customers more than

you ever have Thanks


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