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The Top-performing Credit Union Marketing Campaign in the US

Valley Strong Credit Union has over 290,000 members representing nearly $4 billion in assets and has been serving Central California for 75 years
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The Results

Media spend to funded app
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This campaign has the highest conversion rate I’ve ever seen...the ads are performing in the top 3% for financial institutions in the US.
Manuel Valencia - Senior Account Strategist for Google
Manuel Valencia
Senior Account Strategist for Google


Nettra focused on two large challenges with the Valley Strong Credit Union (VSCU) campaign:

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Nettra has worked with Valley Strong Credit Union (VSCU) for years and one of the biggest challenges in our campaign was creating an attribution process to align ad dollars spent to loans and accounts created. Up until a couple years ago, the best solution available was to export the phone numbers from calls produced by digital ads, then go back through three months of new loans and accounts and try and match them up. The process was laborious, time-consuming, and it missed many digital ad conversions.

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In addition, when Nettra first started working with VSCU, from an SEO perspective they didn’t organically rank on page one for any of their top keywords. At the time, these keywords were dominated by the national banks ranking in their local area for things like auto loans, home loans, credit cards, and personal loans.

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Solutions and Results

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Nettra created a marketing data attribution process to track ad clicks to applications and funded loans, then optimize the ad performance based on that data. This allowed us to finally focus the budget on the ads that were creating loans and accounts. This has significantly improved the effectiveness of the campaign, resulting in a 10:1 ROI from ad click to funded application.

The Google Ads themselves are performing so well being optimized with closed loan data that our Google rep recently commented saying “this campaign has the highest conversion rate I’ve ever seen” and that our campaign “is performing in the top 3% for financial institutions in the US.

Valley Strong Solution

Nettra’s SEO campaign has enabled VSCU to rank on page one for all of their top keywords. In 2022 VSCU acquired two credit unions in new geographic areas and Nettra was instrumental by ensuring existing site links redirected to the VSCU website.

In addition, Nettra has secured numerous backlinks from industry-related publications. Lastly, Nettra has been managing a content marketing campaign focused on creating blog posts about financial literacy. These SEO tactics have not only resulted in VSCU to rank well locally, but they’re also ranking for their top 8 keywords in their new geographic areas.

Valley Strong Solution

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"Nettra’s digital ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and YouTube have resulted in hundreds of leads. They're also great at working with our co-op partners to leverage available marketing funds."
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Tobbie Biglione
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