Strategy & Data Analysis

Explosive results don't just happen, you must have a plan

Data Analysis

Data-driven marketing is in our DNA: our most successful marketing campaigns combine strategy and data analysis to create explosive results.

Regardless of the marketing channel, metrics of success must be defined and tracked. To ensure our campaigns are successful, we collaborate with our clients to determine baseline metrics and milestones.

Bringing these campaigns to life is it’s own challenge because we’re connecting various data sets for analysis and determining methods of attribution. So we’ll often create marketing software stacks using multiple services like Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Google Tag Manager, CallRail, Segment, Clearbit, and various CRMs.

The Nettra Media Approach

Data means nothing unless it’s linked to your business goals and desired outcomes, which is why we’re a little different from a traditional marketing agency. We don’t just meet with your team for one hour and prescribe a healthy dose of digital advertising and design work. Instead, we examine over 20 marketing channels, integrate your existing data, develop and rank viable ideas for each channel, then create a phased marketing strategy to conquer the world (or your industry).


What is our approach to helping our clients become successful?

Nettra Media provides two primary solutions to help meet your goals:


Marketing agency

If you already have a marketing strategy in place, and your company needs specific marketing tactics implemented and executed, we operate as a marketing agency to meet your goals. From Google and Facebook Ads to SEO and email marketing (to name a few!), we’ve managed thousands of successful marketing campaigns. And we have also spent over $19m on the Google & Facebook advertising platforms.



If your business needs a more strategic approach or you have more ambitious growth goals, we serve as your CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) by analyzing your products/services, goals, and competition. Then over a series of meetings with your company’s stakeholders, we explore all 20 customer acquisition channels, create viable ideas for each channel, rank the ideas, then create a phased marketing strategy. In the CMO role, we partner with your company to tackle your most significant obstacles to growth.  

20 Customer Acquisition Channels

Nettra doesn’t just rely on paid advertising to help our clients grow, which is a revolutionary approach because 98% of marketing agencies build their campaigns around paid ads and billable hours. Over the years (and with lots of practice), we’ve worked with hundreds of companies to help them focus on their most effective client acquisition channels, and we’ve listed all 20 of them, below.

For a more in-depth look at how we help companies, check out our Approach page.


Our Clients Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

Every industry and business is different, and their hidden levers to growth are usually challenging to uncover. So before any marketing campaign begins, our goal is to gain a much better understanding of our client’s company, service/product, industry, goals, and competition.  

It’s our dedication to the process of discovery, testing every hypothesis, and continual optimization that has enabled us to be on the winning end of thousands of successful campaigns, spending over $19m on the Google & Facebook Advertising platforms.   

People Love Working with Nettra Media

As growth partners, we help our clients tackle their most challenging barriers to growth. Rather than meeting behind closed doors, we involve our clients in every facet of the strategy and its ongoing management—from the formation of the marketing campaign to the implementation of every customer acquisition channel. This robust approach provides clarity and focus that will galvanize your company’s growth goals. Say hi and we’ll say hi back!